Train the Trainer – Day 4 and 5

So Last week I was trying to do a post a day for Train the Trainer, and I was doing so well, Until the dinner and the exam but now I’m here to catch up on my thoughts from those two days.

Day 4

So on day four there were a couple of real key things that stood out. The first was more of a personal delivery issue and challenge, the second a great way of describing extracts and its application.


So the personal issue I have when training is that I get to detailed and analytic answers to every question that I may get. The problem is I end up running down rabbit holes and run out of time to complete the content I’m working on. Obviously not a good thing.
On the bright side I did know about this as a challenge I have. I haven’t found a solution but it will come…in time…I hope.


The other really interesting thing I got out of day 4 was a great little analogy on why you use extracts. Now if you actually want to get the details on what, how and why of extracts Tom Brown wrote a really good blog post on the topic.

So the analogy I was introduced to was imagine you sitting a work, its 3pm and your getting a bit peckish. So you get up, walk across the office open the fridge pull out the sandwich bits and make a sandwich for a snack. That process of getting up and making your sandwich is like having a live connection. All the stuff you need is there and its ready to go but you have to put it all together when you actually need it.
The other option is that morning you went stopped in at Greggs on the way to the office got a sandwich and it is sitting in your desk draw ready when you feel hungry. 3pm rolls around you open the draw pull out your sandwich and tuck in. This is what its like to have an extract. The extract has gone away to the data source (the fridge in my analogy) collected everything you need and got it all ready to go for you. The waiting time has gone down and the interaction speed has jumped. Its all there ready for you.
I love this analogy and I will definitely be using that again in the future.

Day 5

So day five was assessment day. It was all about taking what I had learnt over the week and applying it to a specific topic (sets in my case). There were so many things that I learnt over the week that I am just waiting to get in and start using it and start teaching. I’m still digesting all the content and the feedback that I have got and my brain has turned into a bit of mush (even a week later its still recovering) but I gained so much out of the week that I will be using for years to come. I wont just be using the skills I was taught in Tableau (and Alteryx) classes either, but also in presentations, describing what I do to people, team events and so many more places.


So that was my Train the Trainer week. This finishing post is only a week late (which for my blogging is a pretty good effort). So many skills learnt, so much gained and now just excited for my first session.
The final thing I need to say is a huge thanks to my trainers Sarah Nell and Jason Rochin, you guys were awesome. And also to all my fellow students in the class you made the week great.

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