Train the Trainer – Day 2

Here on day two I have found 3 major things to take-away. 1) slow it down, 2) have lots of conceptual topics and 3) repetition.

Slow It down

When you become an expert in any field you always find that you start doing a lot of things very quickly and that you can gloss over some of the bevvy basic actions that you do to create things, visualisations, predictive analysis or whatever. As a trainer you really need to be careful and slow down the explanation of what you are talking about.

Conceptual Topics

One of the best was to allow people to engage with the topic in a much more natural way. By relating the topic to real world and business specific use cases it can get the students to engage with what we are trying to achieve. The other bonus is by finding conceptual topics and examples is connecting those topic to your own passions and by using those personal examples your own excitement will be obvious to the students


People learn and remember through repetition. Doing something once doesn’t really make a long term impact. To remember something long term you need to repeat it. The simple solution is that while you are training just remember to rinse and repeat.

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