Tableau Train the Trainer–Day 1

So this week I was sent along to the Tableau Train the Trainer course for to learn how to present the official tableau training courses. I thought a good idea would be to record some of my ideas and key learning from the week.
So the plan is one post a day (fingers crossed I do that)

Day 1

So today we was looking more of the soft skills about students. What sort of student in the class, who could cause issues and challenges? The Shy student, the Teacher’s Pet, the Frustrated student all show different challenges and require different approaches to keep them engaged and prevent them from derailing the entire class.

Key Learning

So what were the key things that I learnt today? I think it really boiled down to two things;
1) Set out the expectations early, both what your expectations are from the class (what content you want to cover, ground rules for the training etc.) and what the students want to get out of the days (what skills they want to learn, any frustrating or annoying tasks they currently do they want to make easier). The key to this is that by covering off what the expectations are early you can manage what people expect and it aligns what everyone is expecting from the class.
2) Am to Inspire. Anyone can tell people how to do things, while a quality teachers can demonstrate but great teachers are the ones who inspire their students onto something more. Part of the process to inspire the students is to look to move beyond being solely a teacher and move towards becoming a mentor.

So that was day one. I should be back again tomorrow with my next key learning.

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