Getting Data to Big Query

Co-posted on the Information Lab blog The Problem I have recently been working with a client who wanted to get their data into a Google Big Querytable with Alteryx. It sounded like a simple problem and should have been pretty easy for me to get …

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Data In, Data Out – Alteryx 101

Alteryx is a hugely powerful tool for data preparation, spatial and predictive analytics. It can be a bit confusing with how to get started with Alteryx, creating workflows and making your life that much easier. I have wanted to get this series going for a …

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Signal Book Review

Signal is the latest book by Stephen Few covering data visualisation. Like all of the Few books I have read the focus is once again on leveraging the preattentive visual processing and inherent the ability of people to compare lengths, positions, hue and saturation to …

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New Year Resolutions and Goals

So the New Year has started and it’s time for the obligatory goals post. There is a couple of reasons I want to put this post out. So get my ideas and plans on paper so I know what I’m thinking about. Try to force …

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Alteryx Macros. What are they good for?

What are Alteryx macros and how do I use them? A macro a reusable workflow that can be dropped into any other Alteryx workflow in future. It is selected by going to the workflow configuration >> workflow type where you can select the macro radial …

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Rugby World Cup 2015

The Rugby world cup starts on Friday so I thought I would have a look at teams competing, their history and form since the 2011 world cup in New Zealand.

Alteryx Introduction Training

I have recently started delivering some sessions of the Information Lab free public Alteryx training (see the details here). As part of the training I need to get my notes and ideas in shape to better deliver the session, so I figure what better way …

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Why do we ask questions? Michael “Vsauce” Stevens at TEDxVienna

Michael Stevens of Vsauce fame investigates an interesting topic relevant to all data analysts. Why do we ask questions?

Tableau Treasure Map

Zen Master Matt Francis has created a great video showing a number of useful skills in Tableau. I have embedded it below but all the work is his. Great stuff Matt

What time is it Alteryx? Part 2

This post was originally posted on The Information Lab Blog on February 6, 2015 In Part 1 we addressed how to parse a series of dates using the date time Tool and extending that to the formula tool. This time we are going to look …

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