New Year Resolutions and Goals

So the New Year has started and it’s time for the obligatory goals post.
There is a couple of reasons I want to put this post out.
  1. So get my ideas and plans on paper so I know what I’m thinking about.
  2. Try to force some accountability on myself to do more blog posts.

So what do I want to achieve?

Well the biggest thing is I want to get more content up onto the blog. Last year I posted some good content there just wasn’t much of it. Last year I only published 4 post and because of that there is not consistency, little improvement in quality and a very small following (so no feedback to help me improve).
This all adds up to the blog being a bit of a disappointment to me and more of a burden than and outlet, it weighs on my mind that I should be doing something rather than feeling good that I’m providing some involvement.

How do I do that then?

Well, I have two big ideas for how I can achieve those improvements.

1. An Alteryx 101 intro series.

I don’t know if there are many like this out there (I certainly haven seen any) and it is a topic that has been on my mind. I think it would be a good way to improve my teaching knowledge and build some use cases for training classes. I might try  to add in some YouTube videos as well, I think they would be really well received and useful. It will really depend how well I get into this and how organised I am

2. A What’s your Viz series.

The other big thing I want to achieve this year is to actually produce more public viz and analysis. My plan is that if I have a series going to blog in depth about an analysis (and hopefully I will have a few analyses go choose from each time) then I will be outputting more content in general.

3. Get to Reading More

I want to start reading a lot more and improving my knowledge about…well anything that takes my fancy really. I will probably end up focusing more on Analytics, Visualisation and Business. If I can blog a book review on what I’m reading that would, for me at least, be a huge achievement.
Both of these series I am planning to be a monthly post for each. I don’t think that should be too hard to achieve. It will mean I have to be a lot more committed and orgainsed to achieving that but it isn’t a bad thing at all. Would I like to see my blog stats going up? Absolutely. Would it be great to have a comments section that causes me a headache to manage? Definitely. But that isn’t the goal of these posts, they are just nice externalities. The whole point it to have something to continue my own development and experience so I can grow and improve as a trainer and analyst.

So here’s to 2016. It should be an awesome year.

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