New Year, New Blog

As 2019 starts I have finally made the jump to self-hosting my blog. This is to learn more about building and deploying websites, specifically, I want to start deploying more deep learning models and driving some web application.

What this means is I want to continue growing my blogging, both on this personal site and on The Information Lab blog. I also want to compete in competitive kaggle completions and complete all the Alteryx weekly challenges. 

My biggest reason for the weekly challenges is build out a series of video content to help people learn how to solve more problems and deliver better solutions. I know a lot of the learning I do from YouTube so I want to give others the option to do that for Alteryx

So the big goals I have are:

  • Create a video series for all the Alteryx weekly challenges
  • Compete in Kaggle Competitions
  • Create and deploy webapps based on deep
    and machine learning models I develop.

Here’s to a massive 2019

Leonardo Dicaprio raising champaign class
Cheers to 2019

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