Live on YouTube

One of the projects I have wanted to get started with was creating and sharing videos on YouTube. My biggest problem was always getting the time to write the script, record the video, edit, process and upload.

With the current lock-down and keeping everyone at home, I have found the dedicated time to start live streaming. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm UK time I am going to go live on YouTube.

I have figured the massive backlog of content that is the Weekly Challenges will be where I start. Once I catch up with all the challenges, I will look into other projects, like building a personal music recommender or completing some live Kaggle competitions.

I recorded my first successful (maybe) live stream today and its embedded below.

You can see my channel and please subscribe for a reminder of when I start. And if you want to get on the stream and help me out in chat I would be happy to see you there.

Alteryx Weekly Challenges Live Stream 2

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