Interviewed By AlterTricks

With the release of my book, Data Engineering with Alteryx, I was invited to join Chris Goodman and Joshua Burkhow on the AlterTricks podcast.

We had a great discussion about the release of my book and how Data Engineering can be achieved with Alteryx.

Hop over to the podcast to hear our chat about Data Engineering, the how the DataOps principles can be applied with Alteryx and how you can build great Data products

My book is available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions, or you can check it out on Packt

Front Cover of Data Engineering with Alteryx Book

Data Engineering with Alteryx

  • Learn DataOps principles to build data pipelines with Alteryx
  • Build robust data pipelines with Alteryx Designer
  • Use Alteryx Server and Alteryx Connect to share and deploy your data pipelines

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