Data Engineering with Alteryx

Over the past year, I have been writing flat out, but none of it has arrived on my blog, why? I have been writing a book, Data Engineering with Alteryx (amazon link). This has been a massive project, consolidating all my thoughts and learnings into a single location.

This book has been a huge undertaking, collecting what I have learnt when working with clients and knowledge I have collected at conferences and training. I also implemented the DataOps framework as an Alteryx engineer and in Alteryx Development projects. The DataOps framework fits well with how an Alteryx workflow is developed, and I will be writing an explanation post soon.

The big takeaways topics from the book are:

  • Learn DataOps principles to build data pipelines with Alteryx
  • Build robust data pipelines with Alteryx Designer
  • Use Alteryx Server and Alteryx Connect to share and deploy your data pipelines
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So if you want to learn how to build the systems for validating workflows, monitoring performance managing access to and promoting data sources, have a look on Amazon or directly from the publisher Packt. Pre-orders are open now, with delivery on the 30th of June 2022 and early access is available to Packt subscribers now.

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