AT Data Science–The Titanic

The Journey Begins For any budding Data Scientist to build their data science chops and reputation, they need to develop lots of models in different applications. One of the best resources to do that and see how well you are doing compared to other people …

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Makeover Monday – 2017 Week 48

Its been a while since I have blogged anything (and definitely not achieving the goal of one post each month) but I wanted to submit a Makeover Monday post. This weeks data set was based on the If the World was 100 people website. I …

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Workout Wednesday Week 12

I want to get more involved in the Tableau community events, like Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday. So here is my first attempt at Workout Wednesday. Nice little project 🙂

Train the Trainer – Day 4 and 5

So Last week I was trying to do a post a day for Train the Trainer, and I was doing so well, Until the dinner and the exam but now I’m here to catch up on my thoughts from those two days. Day 4 So …

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Train the Trainer–Day 3

We are halfway through the training now and I am definitely learning so much. One thing that today has brought to my attention is that transitions are hard. I used to think that Segway’s and transitions would be pretty easy for teachers and trainer to …

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Train the Trainer – Day 2

Here on day two I have found 3 major things to take-away. 1) slow it down, 2) have lots of conceptual topics and 3) repetition. Slow It down When you become an expert in any field you always find that you start doing a lot …

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Tableau Train the Trainer–Day 1

So this week I was sent along to the Tableau Train the Trainer course for to learn how to present the official tableau training courses. I thought a good idea would be to record some of my ideas and key learning from the week. So …

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2016 Half Way In

So we are half way through the year and I wanted to do a quick review of what I have done and how well I have kept to the posting Goal. What did I want to do? So my blog goals are build around getting …

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Signal Book Review

Signal is the latest book by Stephen Few covering data visualisation. Like all of the Few books I have read the focus is once again on leveraging the preattentive visual processing and inherent the ability of people to compare lengths, positions, hue and saturation to …

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Rugby World Cup 2015

The Rugby world cup starts on Friday so I thought I would have a look at teams competing, their history and form since the 2011 world cup in New Zealand.