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Alteryx Server User Management

In my previous post, I introduced the Alteryx Server Content Best Practices, discussing the overarching concepts of how content is managed in the Alteryx Gallery. This post will focus on the best practices for managing users so they can access the content across your Alteryx …

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What is concatenation, and how do we Concatenate with Alteryx?

Concatenation is the process of combining multiple string fields into a single field. The simplest way to do this is to use a formula tool and combine the strings with a + operator. You can also concatenate using aggregation tools, like summarise and cross tab. …

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Interviewed By AlterTricks

With the release of my book, Data Engineering with Alteryx, I was invited to join Chris Goodman and Joshua Burkhow on the AlterTricks podcast. We had a great discussion about the release of my book and how Data Engineering can be achieved with Alteryx. Hop …

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Live on YouTube

One of the projects I have wanted to get started with was creating and sharing videos on YouTube. My biggest problem was always getting the time to write the script, record the video, edit, process and upload. With the current lock-down and keeping everyone at …

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New Year, New Blog

As 2019 starts I have finally made the jump to self-hosting my blog. This is to learn more about building and deploying websites, specifically, I want to start deploying more deep learning models and driving some web application. What this means is I want to …

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