2016 Half Way In

So we are half way through the year and I wanted to do a quick review of what I have done and how well I have kept to the posting Goal.

What did I want to do?

So my blog goals are build around getting more posts up. I wanted to start sharing what I know and learn more and I wanted create more visualisations and workflows.

The Count

So I had initially planned for doing 3 posts per month, which while a great goal (and definitely something I should keep trying to achieve), I have missed by a long way. I have achieved my total posts from last year, so I’m heading in the right direction, but that is all. 4 posts in the first half of 2016.
The biggest problem is that after February I had posted 3 blogs, I thought I was doing pretty well. After that I didn’t post my next blog until last week (the last week of June). I think that part of the problem was changed my habit of never blogging to producing a blog nearly every week, was too big of a jump and it resulted in the not following on with the effort.
That too much gif

Debrief Time

So I the previous line mention the amount of blogs became too large of a hill for me to scale. A related issue for me was I wasn’t looking at the hill either. I haven’t set up any tracking of my blog with Google Analytics to make sure I’m blogging enough or to see the impact that I’m actually having on the community. 
Not very data savvy there.
As a bonus downside because I haven’t set up Google Analytics I’m not tracking anything in Tableau either. So basically I spewing rainbows out to the internet without know what it hits
Spewing Rainbows out to the Internet
I’m just spewing rainbows out to the internet

The Fix

So I have identified a couple of issues 
  1. I’m aiming too high. 
  2. I have no idea what is happening.
Fixing issue 2 is easy (and while writing this post I have put the proper GA tracking into my blog…I think). Now I just need to create some analysis and visualisation to follow what is happening. I think I will also follow Rob Radburn’s advice at the last London Tableau User Group and Steal Like An Artist.
Fixing issue 1 is more a case of reassessment. I’m going to scale back my goal from doing 3 blogs each month to just one. I still want to follow the same blog topics but I hope that by scaling the goal back I will actually achieve the target, end up with more consistent posts and develop a blogging habit that I can build on. I have also fixed my Todoist tasks so they aren’t just way over due and I actually take notice of them and do them.
I now have the re-scaled target to work on so more posts will come soon…I hope 🙂

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